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Content analysis, identification, re-use, and re-application: we can distill the sweet pulp of the digital world.
These are extremely useful, copyrighted mechanisms you can apply to text you supply.

This deceptively simple tool can do four marvelous things via one simple interface:
Build both simple and complex Boolean phrase search strings, quickly and easily, for precision searching of the Web based on text you provide. Very useful. Copy and paste the text of something you've found online, to use as fodder to harvest phrases, from which to build sophisticated phrase-search strings, to use with the best search engines.
Identify the key sentences, and display our "distillation" of your supplied text --what our algorithms think are the most representative chunks of what you provide. Allows a sort of "machine extraction" of significant material from an arbitrary amount of material.
Help you find plagiarism with the PlagiarismFinder. No guarantees, but when it's right, it's clear as day.
Build META Keywords for any text you choose, based on text you provide, to encourage the world's search engines to find and index your online content. Copy and paste the text of something you're preparing to put online; we'll help you develop robust META KEYWORD data that you can insert into your online document.
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