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mjj : Bill is truly a world citizen and humanitarian.
On Receiving Harvard Medical School Global Environment Citizen Award
Bill Moyers
mjj : Brrr. Time to buy coastal land in West Virginia.
New Scientific Consensus: Arctic Is Warming Rapidly
Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, Nov 8, 2004
At least half the summer sea ice in the Arctic is projected to melt by the end of this century, along with a significant portion of the Greenland Ice Sheet, as the region is projected to warm an additional 4-7 C (7 to 13 F) by 2100. These changes will have major global impacts, such as contributing to global sea-level rise and intensifying global warming, according to the final report of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA).
mjj : The hipbone's connected to the... thighbone.
Key Antarctic food source is declining, study says
By Malcolm Ritter, Associated Press, November 7, 2004
A key food source for Antarctic seals, whales and penguins has declined about 80 percent since the 1970s in waters near the Antarctic Peninsula, researchers report.

The overall effect of the decline in stocks of krill, a shrimp-like crustacean, isn't clear, but the finding suggests "we need to do some more work quite urgently to find out what's going to happen," said marine biologist Angus Atkinson.
mjj : Yet we STILL have not signed the Kyoto protocol. NYC would be predominantly underwater, if this melting happens; likewise Baltimore, great gouts of Florida, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, etc.
And yet it melts
The Guardian, November 3, 2004
There are a number of disturbing aspects to this report - not least the accusation by some European researchers involved that its publication was being delayed until after the US election to spare the blushes of the Bush administration. But the report's evidence speaks for itself: the Arctic's icecap is melting at an unprecedented rate, while the giant ice sheets of Greenland are under threat. But the most worrying aspect is the report's suggestion that at the current rate of warming, there may be no ice at all in the Arctic come the summer of 2070 - effectively killing one of the world's most distinctive and rich ecosystems.