Are We Doing The Will of God? Michael Jensen
This has to be the question asked by any religiously righteous person living in a Red state. This has to be the question used as the main lens through which the Nascar moms and the hoedown boys and the Evangelist rockabilly fans view the world.

How do we manifest the Will of God? There are many gods, of course, large and small. There are things unknown, mysteries of life into which "more research is needed" forever. But for many, God is a Will, a Purpose, a Reason for the constant mystery of their own life.

How do we ask the right questions, questions which the Evangelical must answer through this lens? How do we convince them that the side of the angels is what we share, in fundamental ways?

Is it God's Will to privatize Social Security? It depends on how it's structured. The idea is great if you're young, have a good salary, and always work in formal jobs. For the millions who live in poverty, and who have little or no formal income, it's likely a loss. What would Jesus say about privatizing Social Security?

Is it God's Will that the financial sector make billions in transaction fees, or is it more in keeping with God's will that it be run as a nonprofit, like TIAA-CREF? Which would Jesus support?

What is the Will of God regarding war? Does God relish death, and reward destruction? Does God support bombing cities? Is it the Will of God (or Allah) that civilians be killed in the pursuit of political change?