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Sorry, Everybody (the visual)
I find myself wanting to cry, wandering through the "" site. Sorry, World, from the 49%, is the theme.

Hundreds, thousands of images, uploaded by people worldwide, but mostly from the US.

I put mine in; it is at gallery page 467.

Fabulous, diverse, kind, human, people I'd like to meet. International folks who accept our apologies.

Handwritten text, on a spiral pad, held by someone we can half-see:

"Sorry World
(we tried)
-- half of America"

A woman in front of a map, holding a landscape sheet of paper:

I wish we were nicer.
(so much!)

A few of my favorites:

I could go on, but that wouldn't be fair to them. They are apparently breaking even, with volunteer work. Though I would work on the interface, I find the whole enterprise so heart-lifting. There are people who are appalled, worldwide--and they are compatriots.

There are compatriots for sanity, out there in the world. We must build connection engines, to bring these people together. We must raise a hue and cry, worldwide, for humane, sane, moderate, compassionate, and kind choices, politically and culturally and environmentally.

What a wonder, this site is, just because it exists. Our extremes are a subculture, perhaps (and perhaps must be, to be an extreme); but our tribe is the one that keeps the spirit alive.

Our tribe is the one that is infused with intentional kindness and brotherhood. Our tribe wants to share, and help. We find war, and cruelty, and poverty, and injustice abhorrent, disgusting, and all the more a crime, if intended.