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mjj : scary, and fits with what I observed 8 years ago, on the 700 Club...
The Godly Must Be Crazy: Christian-right views are swaying politicians and threatening the environment
By Glenn Scherer
mjj : Well it is just a theory, after all. WARNING: ideas ahead.
Author of textbook describes Cobb County disclaimers as 'very weird'
Associated Press, Nov. 08, 2004
The author of a popular biology textbook says he finds it quote - "very weird" that Cobb County schools put stickers in copies of his book that warn it contains material on the theory of evolution.

Kenneth Miller, a cell biologist at Brown University, says the only place where he usually sees warning labels is on packs of cigarettes. He says the stickers in the Cobb County books come across to students as saying that EVERYTHING in his book is certain, EXCEPT evolution.
mjj : Whew. Another "old Europe" Republican stands up for reality.
Understanding the 2004 Presidential Election: Beyond the Polarized Electorate, And The Republicans' Superior Voter Turnout
by John W. Dean, yes, that John Dean, published November 5, 2004 by
To study this report is to realize that Bush won reelection through blind faith and loyalty. Bush did not acquit himself well in the debates: Kerry won adherents each time he spoke. But it seems it did not matter: Bush supporters either weren't watching, or weren't really listening, when the debates occurred. This becomes more glaring because the University of Maryland study shows the Kerry supporters were living in the real world.